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Ph.D. scholarships in "Web Science"

Ph.D. students will have an outstanding master's degree in computer science or another discipline relevant for Web Science. We expect eagerness to participate in team work, outstanding analytical competence, strong interest in interdisciplinary research and excellent programming skills. The duration of the scholarships is for two years with an extension being possible for a third year. Ph.D. students will have a broad choice in selecting their Ph.D. topic from the wide field of Web Science.

Topics high on our current research agenda include

  • Programming with linked data: This is a joint project with the excellent research department of a large corporation exploiting knowledge about functional programming and the programming environment F# (
  • Indexing linked data: This is research work continuing our award-winning Linked Data environment SchemEx (
  • Social computation: This is research work exploiting our previous work on preference aggregation and provenance.
  • We offer a creative, active, internationally renowned research group, support for publication at international conferences, support in pursuing one’s Ph.D., a new, technically excellent campus, as well as one of the most scenic places in Germany in close vicinity to major German hubs, such as Frankfurt and Cologne.

    Universität Koblenz-Landau is an equal-opportunity employer.

    Please find further details about the institute at or get in touch with Dr. Matthias Thimm (Tel: 0261/2872715) or Prof. Dr. Steffen Staab (Tel: 0261/2872761).

    Please submit your job application via

    We do not respond to applications by email.

    Studentische Hilfskräfte

    Das Institut WeST sucht immer nach talentierten studentischen Hilfskräften aus dem Fachbereich Informatik unserer Universität. Wir bieten Positionen sowohl in der Forschung als auch in der Lehre und bieten die Möglichkeit, Teil eines eingespielten Teams zu werden.

    Falls Sie an einer Stelle als wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft interessiert sind, wenden Sie sich einfach mit einer Beschreibung Ihrer Interessengebiete und Fähigkeiten an Dr. Ulrich Wechselberger um weitere Informationen zu erhalten.

    Student Assistant Positions

    At the Institute WeST, we always look for talented student assistants. We offer positions both in research and teaching only for students of the computer science department (university of koblenz). Become a part of our team. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Ulrich Wechselberger . Please include a brief description of your interests and qualifications.

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