EU IST Integrated Project "X-Media - Knowledge Sharing and Reuse across Media"


Duration: March 2006 - February 2010

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EU, Information Society Technologies (IST)

Short description

X-Media addresses the issue of knowledge management in complex distributed environments. It will study, develop and implement large scale methodologies and techniques for knowledge management able to support sharing and reuse of knowledge that is distributed in different media (images, documents and data) and repositories (data bases, knowledge bases, document repositories, etc.) or that is inaccessible for current systems, which cannot capture the knowledge implicit across media. X-Media will study, design and develop:

1) Effective and efficient new paradigms for knowledge retrieval, sharing and reuse which enable users to define and parameterize views on the available knowledge according to their needs. Users will be supported by an anticipatory system able to trace automatically the user profile and help focusing in the large search space.
2) Novel and cutting-edge knowledge fusion methods to support knowledge workers in making decisions when confronted with – possibly contradicting – knowledge derived from different resources.
3) Techniques able to represent and manage (i) uncertainty, (ii) trust and provenance as well as (iii) dynamic aspects of knowledge, in order to help users balancing their judgment;
4) Robust and scalable knowledge acquisition and data analysis tools operating across media boundaries (text, images and data) to automatically cross-relate and annotate text and images with metadata for easier sharing and retrieval as well as fostering integration with other resources
5) A methodology and a technical infrastructure able to deliver knowledge from across media to the knowledge workers, taking into account the complexity of managing different media with different size of data.
6) A generic and flexible architecture allowing end users to easily customize it and integrate it with their KM practices or needs as well as a mainly open source reference implementation and libraries which technology providing companies can reuse.


  • University of Sheffield
  • Centre for Research and Technology Hellas
  • CognIT
  • Instituto Trentino Di Cultura
  • Laboratoire Bordelais Recherche en Informatique
  • Ontoprise GmbH
  • Open University
  • Quinary Spa
  • Rolls Royce plc
  • Universität Freiburg
  • Universität Karlsruhe
  • University of Ljubljana
  • Centro Ricerche Fiat
  • Solcara Limited



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