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Celebrating 10 Years of Semantic Web Research Progress

After 10 Years of Semantic Web research, the Semantic Web community has spun off many ideas in wide-spread use, such as semantic advertisement on the Web through, which is pushed by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo, or semantic knowledge that is included in IBM's famous system WATSON that defeated human champions in the US quiz show "Jeopardy".

During the last week the 10th instantiation of the Semantic Web conference series was hosted by the Koblenz Institute WeST and GESIS in Bonn. More than 600 researchers met to discuss most recent developments of using semantic knowledge on the Web in a more versatile manner. Recent trends observed include the permeation of semantics in all aspects of life from smartphone observations, social networks (such as Facebook) to commercial and scientific work (e.g. in life science databases).

The conference had an audience of many young researchers vibrating of ideas, enjoying the venue and the event and celebrating over 10 years of Semantic Web.

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