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WeST developed novel methods for supporting political opinion mining

WeST's latest research results are used by the project Where eGovernment meets the eSociety (WeGov) to analyze political discussions taking place in social networking sites. WeGov is funded by the EU. The aim of the project is to provide means for policy makers to improve their engagement with citizens via social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. In the project, the methods of WeST are used as part of the WeGov-platform. The WeGov-platform is an online tool for opinion mining.

The invented methods analyze latent aspects, individual opinions, key arguments and emotions of contributions to discussion tracks. To capture and represent the spectrum of opinions about current political topics, the analysis employs state of the art techniques based on probabilistic methods. The approach of Nasir Naveed and Sergej Sizov also considers additional influencing factors, such as geospatial knowledge, temporal dependencies as well as specialized terminologies. By accounting for these factors, one can capture the spectrum of opinions and identify hot topics easily.

As part of the WeGov-Platform , the methods invented by WeST identify most important and highest influencing topics, opinions, contributions and contributors of discussions.

Date of news Dec 21, 2011 12:00
last modified Nov 08, 2012 10:43