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The Research Group "ISWeb - Information Systems and Semantic Web" concentrates its work on the basic principles and applications of semantic-based technologies and their integration into complex, dynamic information systems.

The basics of semantic-based systems include the modeling of ontologies, representation of ontologies, approaches and methods for the design and maintenance of ontologies, as well as the semantic annotation of documents, multimedia data or web services to enable the semantic search and usage of these resources.

Semantic technologies are used for information retrieval, for information integration and for semantic-based peer-to-peer networks or for semantic middleware (Web Services, Grid). Semantic technologies enrich the abilities of information and knowledgement systems and allow a more efficient and more effective handling of complex, dynamic systems.


Date News
31.10.2008 Semantics scales in the Cloud: University of Koblenz wins Billion Triples Challenge
26.10.2008 SWESE 2008: S. Staab gives keynote about "Joint Metamodels for UML and OWL" at the 4th International Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering
Oct 22-23, 2008 Keynote talk at Web of Data Practitioners Day: Ansgar Scherp is giving a keynote talk on "Digitally Authoring of Photo Books - A Success Story for Multimedia Annotation" at Web of Data Practitioners Days, Vienna, Austria
28-30.09.2008 Transformation and Weaving Ontologies and Model Driven Engineering MDE/MDA: ISWeb co-organizes the First Workshop on Transformation and Weaving Ontologies and Model Driven Engineering MDE TWOMDE'08 (at MoDELS, September 28-30, 2008, Toulouse, France)
20.08.2008 Social Web Communities: Dagstuhl workshop discusses Web tagging system
23.06.2008 Ted Nelson Award: ISWeb Paper wins Ted Nelson award at ACM Hypertext 2008
13.06.2008 Nacht der Informatik 2008: Terminankündigung
01.06.2008 CISWeb - 2008: Workshop on Collective Intelligence and the Semantic Web to be held on June 1, 2008 as part of ESWC-2007
21.05.2008 Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Frank (Uni Duisburg/Essen) spricht "Zur Konfiguration von Forschungsmethoden für die Wirtschaftsinformatik"
01.04.2008 KASW'08: ISWeb co-organizes the International Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition from the Social Web
20.03.2008 Teaching assistants wanted!: The course "Information Retrieval" is looking for hiwi teaching assistants
28.03.2008 WWW2008: MyTag presentation at WWW 2008
15.01.2008 Discussing Ontology Design Rationale with Cicero: Cicero, a tool for facilitating an asynchronous discussion and decision taking process, has just been released to the public.
14.01.2008 Job announcement: for three Researcher/PhD students and a Project Leader/PostDoc
18.12.2007 SSMS-2008: Summer School Multimedia Semantics 2008 announced to be run Sep 1-5 on Crete
5.-7.12.2007 Keynote Talk SAMT 2007: Steffen Staab gives invited talk at SAMT-2007 on "A Knowledge Habitat for Multimedia"
05.12.2007 SAMT-2008 comes to Koblenz: The third international Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies is organized by ISWeb in December 2008
01.12.2007 SOA@WI-2009: Steffen Staab is track chair for the track on Service-oriented Architectures at the German Information Systems Conference 2009 in Vienna
19.11.2007 ISWC-2008 issues the first Call for Papers: Steffen Staab will co-chair the technical programme of the 7th Int. Semantic Web Conference
05.10.2007 ReColl 2008: ISWeb organizes the International Workshop on Collaboration and Recommendation (Canary Islands, Spain, January 13, 2008)
02.10.2007 Loc@l bit 2007: Visit ISWeb at the local IT fair on october 30, 2007
28.09.2007 Service-oriented Architectures: Governance and security in the focus of the Koblenz SOA day on Sep. 28, 2007
29.06.2007 Night of computer science: grasping, comprehension, understanding of computer science
22.06.2007 Best Student Paper Award: Fruitful research exchange leads to award for Dr. Claudia d'Amato
05.06.2007 WE.Know'07: Research group ISWeb organizes the International Workshop on Collaborative Knowledge Management for Web Information Systems (Nancy, France, 3 Dec 2007)
25.04.2007 Inaugural Workshop of the Language, Interaction and Computational Lab: S. Staab talks as invited Speaker at the Center for Mind / Brain Sciencies (CiMeC), May 29, 2007
25.04.2007 ESEC/FSE 2007: Steffen Staab gives invited talk on marrying ontology and software technology at the 6th joint meeting of the European Software Engineering Conference and the ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering
20.04.2007 IUI-2008: S. Staab is general chair of ACM conference on Intelligent User Interfaces, IUI-2008: Call for Papers now published
14.03.2007 MKWI08: Workshop at the multi conference information systems
28.02.2007 Wirtschaftsinformatik 2007: The research group ISWEB organizes the knowledge management track
26.01.2007 Kolloquium: Jeff Pan (University of Aberdeen) spricht über "Improving Usability of Description Logics-based Ontologies"
07.01.2007 ODBase 2007: Steffen Staab co-chairs the Programme Committee of the International Conference on Ontologies, Databases and Applications of Semantics
06.12.2006 SAMT-2006: International Conference on Semantic and Digital Media Technologies, Athens, December 6-8, 2006, co-organized by ISWeb
28.11.2006 Summer School Multimedia Semantics: announced to happen in Glasgow, UK, July 15-21, 2007
27.11.2006 Awards: Richard Arndt and Alexander Kubias are commonly awarded the prize for the best degree for the class of 2005/2006.
18.11.2006 In the news: BBC reports about aceMedia, one of ISWeb's EU IST projects: System 'spots multimedia content'
18.10.2006 IST 2006: ISWeb will be present at IST Conference 2006
28.09.2006 MTAP - JoWS Special Issue on Semantic Multimedia: Call for papers
14.07.2006 Nacht der Informatik: ISWeb co-organizes the German-wide "Night of Computer Science" in Koblenz
4.-7.07.2006 5th ASG Week: ISWeb organizes Workshop and Industrial Day
28.-30.06.2006 x-media Workshop: ISWeb organizes european workshop
04.05.2006 SSMS-2006 Summer School on Multimedia Semantics: 4-8 September, Chalkidiki, Greece
25.04.2006 Slides now available: Tutorial at SMBM-2006 on Ontologies and Semantic Web
22.03.2006 NeOn is On: The EU Project has been successfully kicked-off in Rome
16.02.2006 Handelsblatt: reports about Semantic Web at the University of Koblenz-Landau
10.02.2006 ISWeb coorganizes EKAW 2006 : The 15th International Conference on Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management
23.01.2006 2nd Int. Symposium on Semantic Mining in Biomedicine: Tutorial "Ontologies and Semantic Web"
11.01.2006 EU Network of Excellence K-space: takes off in London towards knowledge spaces of multimedia content
14.07.2006 Nacht der Informatik: Was Sie schon immer über Informatik wissen wollten ...
28.11.2005 Heise online: Das Semantic Web auf dem Weg in die Praxis
25.10.2005 Internships at Motorola, Paris:
20.10.2005 Semantic Web and Knowledge Technologies: Conference of ZGDV Darmstadt
22.09.2005 EKAW 2006: the tentative call for papers is now online
14.09.2005 CIA 2005 System Award: given to ISWeb and Partners for Bibster (http://bibster.semanticweb.org)
22.08.2005 Ontology Engineering: Seminar of the Semantic Web Austria
09.08.2005 Slides: from the ICML-2005 Tutorial on "Machine Learning and the Semantic Web" now online
07.07.2005 Interdisciplinary College IK2006: March 10 - 17, 2006 Günne at Lake Möhne; Focus Theme: Learning
03.07.2005 Book (see its table of contents): S. Staab, H. Stuckenschmidt "Semantic Web and Peer-to-Peer", Springer, appears in fall 2005.
12.06.2005 ISWeb coorganizes IUI 2006 : The 9th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
06.06.2005 Folien nun online: Daniel Oberle - Semantisches Management von Middleware
05.04.2005 Handelsblatt: Internet-Plattform verknüpft Software
17.03.2005 IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications: Special issue "Peer-to-Peer Communications and Applications" - Call for Papers
02.12.2004 Semantic Web Workshop: New trends in Semantic Web
01.11.2004 Computerzeitung: Interview with Prof. Dr. Staab
29.10.2004 doIT Award 2004: Software Award for Bibster
26.10.2004 Technology Review: Interview mit Tim Berners-Lee zum Semantic Web

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