Renata Dividino

Member of the working group (Institute for Web Science and Technologies - WeST)
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Ongoing Work





Bachelor/Master Thesis Subjects

  • Reasoning with Provenance in OWL
  • Advanced Querying for Provenance in SPARQL using Condictions
  • Advanced Querying Mechanisms in SPARQL with Nested Provenance Support


Focus Group


Dividino, Renata; Schenk, Simon; Sizov, Sergej; Staab, Steffen (2009): Provenance, Trust, Explanations - and all that other Meta Knowledge. In: Künstliche Intelligenz.

Dividino, Renata; Sizov, Sergej; Staab, Steffen; Schüler, Bernhard (2009): Querying for Provenance, Trust, Uncertainty and other Meta Knowledge in RDF. In: Journal on Web Semantics.

Schenk, Simon; Dividino, Renata; Staab, Steffen (2009): Reasoning With Provenance, Trust and all that other Meta Knowlege in OWL. In: International Semantic Web Conference 2008: Chantilly, VA, USA - Workshop on the role of Semantic Web in Provenance Management.

Schenk, Simon; Dividino, Renata; Staab, Steffen (2011): Using Provenance to Debug Changing Ontologies. In: Journal on Web Semantics.

Dividino, Renata; Gröner, Gerd; Scheglmann, Stefan; Thimm, Matthias (2012): Ranking RDF with Provenance via Preference Aggregation. In: EKAW. S. 154-163.

Dividino, Renata; Scherp, Ansgar; Gröner, Gerd; Gottron, Thomas (2013): Change-a-LOD: Does the Schema on the Linked Data Cloud Change or Not?. In: COLD'13: International Workshop on Consuming Linked Data.

Dividino, Renata; Kramer, Andre; Gottron, Thomas (2014): An Investigation of HTTP Header Information for Detecting Changes of Linked Open Data Sources. In: ESWC'14: Proceedings of the Extended Semantic Web Conference.

Dividino, Renata; Gottron, Thomas; Scherp, Ansgar; Gröner, Gerd (2014): From Changes to Dynamics: Dynamics Analysis of Linked Open Data Sources. In: PROFILES'14: Proceedings of the Workshop on Dataset ProfiIling and Federated Search for Linked Data.