Our Online-Catalogue lists the complete holdings of the Koblenz and Landau university libraries.

Search here for books and titles of journals:
Journal articles are not recorded in our Online-Catalogue. Such records can be traced in the Digital Library (‘Digitale Bibliothek’) or in one of our databases. Feel free to ask our staff for any assistance you may need in your search.



User account
You can access your user account (‘Benutzerkonto’) via our Online-Catalogue. Just enter your library card ID, including all leading zeros, and as standard password, type in your date of birth, coded DDMM. If, for instance, you were born on May 4, 1989, your password will be 0405 or use your personal password. You will now be able to check the items you have borrowed, and to renew their loan.
User account
Please try to renew your books some days in advance of the date due for return. All borrowable materials (other than bound volumes of journals) may be renewed for a maximum of twelve weeks unless the item has been reserved, in the meantime, by another reader
How to renew:
  1. Log in at your user account
  2. Click on the number following “Ausleihen” (below “Aktivitäten”)
  3. Select the items you want to renew by ticking the respective boxes
  4. Click on “Markierte verlängern”


Requests / Reservations
You may order books and other media from our stacks or from the Landau branch library. E.g.:
The ‘Standort’ shows you the book is located in our Landau branch. With ‘Vormerken/Bestellen’ you can start a request by logging in at your user account and confirming the two subsequent messages with the ‘OK’ button.
Please remember to log out afterwards, using “Sitzung beenden”.
The book will take three to five weekdays to reach our library. Books and other media ordered from our stacks (‘Standort’: ‘Magazin Koblenz’ or ‘Tonträgermagazin Koblenz’) will be available within three to six hours. You will receive a notice via e-mail when the item has arrived.
Please collect it within a period of seven days.
In case an item is currently on loan you may place a reservation.
In the example,
due date
the book is on loan until January  15, 2013. To reserve this book, click on ‘Vormerken/Bestellen’. Log in at your user account, and confirm the two subsequent messages with the ‘OK’ button.
Again, please do not forget to log out (‘Sitzung beenden’).
As soon as the book or medium has been returned you will receive an e-mail asking you to collect your reserved item at the on holdshelf (‘Bereitstellungsregal’).
Please do so within seven days.
Cancelling reservations
It may occur that you have reserved a book but find out later on that you will not need it. We kindly ask you to cancel your reservation in such cases.
  1. Log in at your user account
  2. Click on the number following ‘Vormerkungen’ (below ‘Aktivitäten’)
  3. Click on the number of the reservation you want to cancel
  4. Delete by clicking on the button ‘Löschen’
As always, please log out using ‘Sitzung beenden’.