Openeurship - The Online Course in Entrepreneurship

Openeurship - the Online Course in Entrepreneurship - was designed and organized by the Central Institute for Scientific Entrepreneurship & International Transfer (ZIFET) since September 2014. It is based on the Open Learning Content philosophy, combined with the experience of our active participation in the field of Entrepreneurship.

The Openeurship course is one in a diversified range of activities of the Central Institute for Scientific Entrepreneurship & International Transfer (ZIFET) at the University of Koblenz-Landau. The course provides an overview of Entrepreneurship and gives insights into the topics a future entrepreneur or intrapreneur needs to understand. The University of Koblenz-Landau is part of the renowned network of only 22 Entrepreneurial Universities in Germany - of the total 500+ German Higher Education Institutions and has gained high competence in the field of Entrepreneurship in the last few years.

Taking part into the Openeurship course, the learners themselves will find answers for questions such as: ‘What is Entrepreneurship? How do entrepreneurs think and act? What is a Business Model? How to build a perfect team for a start-up? And how to turn ideas into action realistically or how to start a company?’

This course is organized on a weekly base and covers various topics like the following:

1. Introduction to Entrepreneurship
2. Entrepreneurial Methods
3. Entrepreneurial Personality and Mindset
4. Teams & Leadership
5. Opportunity Recognition
6. Creativity
7. Business Models
8. Customer Development
9. Entrepreneurial Marketing
10. Entrepreneurial Finance
11. Presentation & Pitching

Last but not least, this course is totally FREE of charge. For more detailed information please go to our Openeurship website:

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