Startseite IPZ Termine Prepare for your next conference (3/4)

Prepare for your next conference (3/4)

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Finally, after all your hard work, your research results are ready to be presented. This is your opportunity to build a reputation in international research circles. A convincing and competent presentation in the English language is critical to your success. In addition, you have to defend your research in the Q&A session and network effectively at the conference get-together. campus landau

The objective of this workshop is to enhance your English skills for these situations. It is divided into three blocks:

  • Presenting your research results (26 April, 9 - 12.30)

Theory and language input session: adapting a written source to a presentation context, opening and closing presentations, structuring the presentation clearly with discourse markers, improving delivery, useful phrases

  • Academic discussions (3 May, 9 - 12.30)

Theory and language input session: networking with other researchers, expressing yourself clearly and precisely, summarising and paraphrasing in discussions, defending your research in the Q&A session, dealing with unexpected and challenging questions, useful phrases

  • The conference day - a simulation (23 and 24 May, 9 - 12.30)

Practical session: conference simulation in small groups (maximum 4 participants). Each participant presents his or her research in English and defends it in a Q&A session. Group feedback.


Referentin: Amanda Habbershaw

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  • Workshop
  • Termin IPZ
  • Landau
Wann 23.05.2012
from 09:00 to 12:30
Wo Campus Landau, K 1.25
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