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18. November 2021






PhD Candidates: Module A
Postdocs: Module A



Prof. Dr. Ralf Lämmel

Since 2007 Professor of Computer Science at the University of Koblenz-Landau. In the past he has worked at Facebook London, University of l'Aquila, Microsoft, USA, Free University of Amsterdam, CWI and at the University of Rostock. His research and teaching interests include software/data/language engineering, software reverse/reengineering, mining software repositories and model-based techniques. In his most recent work at Facebook, he applied machine learning (in its broadest sense) in an infrastructural context while developing a growing interest in data engineering and data science.

Scientific Café – Performance Evaluation in Academia and Industry

A Digital Event for PhD Candidates and Postdocs


The Scientific Café for PhD candidates and postdocs of the University of Koblenz-Landau intends to encourage the exchange with other scientists and young researchers aims to improve both the academic English and presentation skills for the own research. In addition, advanced researchers are invited regularly to give an insight in their academic work.

This semester's guest is Professor Dr. Ralf Lämmel from the faculty of Computer Science. He will talk about performance evaluation in academia and industry.

In a nutshell, performance evaluation in academia is based on publication record, project acquisition, and teaching experience with networking as a more hidden dimension; performance evaluation in industry is based on demonstrable professional skills (qualifications), social skills, leadership, and the ability to deal with the performance review process as a more hidden dimension. Due to the personal experience of the speaker on both sides of the aisle, these various dimensions of performance evaluation are discussed in a more refined manner with the goal of inspiring the audience to set themselves up for success.

All participants are invited to join the discussion following the presentation.



In cooperation with STIBET funded by the DAAD with financial means of the German Federal Foreign Office


 More dates for this events series: 13. January 2022, 03. February 2022

Wann 18.11.2021
von 16:00 bis 18:00
Wo Videoconference
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