Scholarship and Support Programme (STIBET)

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The 'Scholarship and Support Programme' (STIBET) of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) for qualified foreign PhD candidates and postdocs aims to create ideal arrangements for international young scientists. 

Within the frame of STIBET the Interdisciplinary Graduate Center (IPZ) supports international young scientists since 2008. 

The current support programme includes:

Introductory and Informative Events

Specific introductory and informative events support international PhD candidates and postdocs in getting to know the German scientific and working context

More details on the differnt introductory and informative events can be found in the event calender of the IPZ.


Career Management

Targeted events on career management shall support and prepare international PhD candidates and postdocs for a scientific career. Therefore, different workshops with changing thematic priorities will be supplied in Koblenz and Landau. 

For more details on the events see the event calender of the IPZ. 

Academia and Family

for international PhD candidates and postdocs with family

The compatibility of family and a career in science is not easy. Especially for international PhD candidates and postdocs with child(ren) it is a challenge to handle scientific work, the orientation in the German academic system, the education of children and the management of family duties at the same time. The support through the student assistant probably will be 3 hours per week over six months. 

The application documents can be found here: 

·         Application

·         Announcement

Completion Scholarship

The scholarship supports PhD candidates at the University of Koblenz-Landau whose thesis has progressed sufficiently to be submitted within the next months. The eligibility period extends over 3 months.

The application documents can be found here:

·         Application

·         Announcement