Scientific Writing: How to write clearly and concisely (2/2)

***Fully booked / Offered digitally*** A Workshop for PhD-Candidates (Part 2)

Careers are judged on your ability to write high-quality scientific manuscripts. The English you learned at school is not sufficient for this – you need to master scientific English and the writing conventions for scientific texts.
A key challenge is expressing complex ideas in a clear, precise and readable text which sounds like it has been written by a native speaker. In this online workshop, you will improve your ability to order your ideas and to express them clearly and concisely, without sacrificing scientific accuracy. In addition, you will learn how to refine your texts to produce precise and readable scientific manuscripts.
You will work on your own text and have the opportunity to email your text to the trainer after the workshop to receive individual feedback and thus gain a better awareness of your strengths and weaknesses.  
The following contents will be covered:
- Differences between German and English academic texts
- Finding the right words
- How to express complex ideas in clear sentences
- Constructing effective paragraphs
- Strategies for improving readability
- Improving coherence and flow
- Useful resources, incl. phrasebank
- Editing and improving your own texts
- Peer-editing

Online input by trainer, (offline) practical writing exercises, working on and editing own texts, discussions, feedback from trainer.

Write a research-related text (max. 1 page A4) which you will work on during the workshop.
Please check that your PC meets the requirements beforehand (microphone, camera, Internet connection).  


Tutor: Amanda Habbershaw

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The second part of the workshop will take place digitally on June 25th 2020 from 10.00 am to 2.30 pm (breaks planned). If you have registered for the Workshop on the IPZ homepage you will receive a reminder by e-mail one week before the event with all necessary information for participating in the digital offer.

Wann 25.06.2020
von 10:00 bis 14:30
Wo digital event, Video-Conference on June 25th 2020, 10 am to 2.30 pm
Kontakttelefon 0261/287-2952
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