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Academic Writing (1/2)

Erster Termin einer englischsprachigen Veranstaltung für Promovierende und Postdocs aller Fachbereiche

Campus LandauThe workshop will provide PhD students with an introduction to academic writing, including helpful input on the language used, the potential pitfalls, and strategies for improving and editing texts. All participants will be given feedback and will therefore leave the workshop with a better awareness of their strengths and weaknesses.


We will look at:

  • academic style – degrees of formality
  • writing readable, accurate and concise sentences
  • language and verb tenses used in various parts of the paper
  • paragraphs and topic sentences
  • cohesion and flow
  • strategies for finding and correcting errors, typical mistakes
  • editing and peer-editing
  • useful phrases and Internet resources


The PhD students will be required to bring a piece of their own scientific writing (200-250 words), which has not been corrected or edited by colleagues, to the workshop.

If you are interested in the tutorial please sign up here.


Wann 13.04.2018
von 09:00 bis 12:30
Wo Landau, Thomas-Nast-Straße 44, Raum 028
Kontakttelefon 0261-287 2952
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