Preparing and giving an effective poster presentation

Workshop for Phd candidates and postdocs

Poster presentations are a great opportunity for communicating yourCampus Landau work and for networking with other scientists in your field. Although a well-designed poster can stand on its own, there is no doubt that you can add value to it through your oral presentation, explanations and answers. Presenting your work on a poster forces you to focus on the essence of your research. It also provides you with a great opportunity to engage colleagues in a dialogue and requires much more presenter-audience interaction than when giving a talk at a conference.

In this workshop you will learn to present your poster in an engaging and professional manner in the English language and to interact effectively with your audience. You are required to bring a poster to the workshop for practising and for the simulation.


  • planning your poster presentation, 1) preparing a very short synopsis, 2) extending the narrative
  • techniques for getting people interested
  • explaining graphs and complex data
  • delivering your presentation: communication and rhetorical techniques
  • anticipating questions and knowing how to deal with them
  • simulation of a poster presentation
  • useful phrases

Input by trainer, exercises, presentations, simulation, feedback


Tutor: Amanda HabbershawLogo DAAD (schmal)

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Wann 14.11.2019
von 09:00 bis 16:00
Wo Campus Landau, CI-1 - großer Teil
Kontakttelefon 0261/287-2952
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