Time and project management for doctoral researchers

This workshop will support you to develop a better time and project Campus Landaumanagement for your dissertation. 

Topics we talk about are:

  • How to define goals?
  • How to do time planning?
  • How to stick to your goals and plans – how to motivate yourself?
  • How to develop project plans?
  • What are typical problems of time planning in scientific work?
  • How to structure communication in meetings with yoru supervisor and with colleagues?

Lecturer: Dr. Matthias Schwarzkopf has been responsible for several projects himself and counsels scientists for their careers, their goals and attached fields like time management.

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Wann 09.01.2020
von 09:30 bis 17:00
Wo Landau, Bürgerstr. 23, Raum 224
Kontakttelefon 0261/287-2952
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