Communicate with confidence

***Postponed to winter semester 2020/2021***

The ability to discuss your research effectively is fundamental to Campus Landauyour career success. When attending international conferences, you have to be able to take part in academic discussions, defend your research in the Q&A and network effectively at conference get-togethers. Situations of this kind require interactive communication skills and the ability to respond to unexpected questions and comments off the cuff. The objective of this workshop is to enhance your English-speaking skills and give you confidence to participate actively and confidently in academic discussions with other researchers. You will leave the workshop armed with plenty of tools and techniques for interacting more effectively at your next conference.


  • introducing yourself with an “elevator pitch”: giving a convincing overview of your research
  • networking and small talk in academia
  • key communication tools that will enable you to communicate clearly and precisely
  • leading a discussion effectively
  • the question-and-answer session, dealing with difficult questions and hostility

The workshop includes theoretical input, practical skill-building exercises, plenty of practice in simulations and personalized feedback.

Tutor: Amanda HabbershawLogo DAAD (schmal)


Wann 25.06.2020
von 09:00 bis 16:00
Kontakttelefon 0261/287-2952
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