Prof. Dr. Michael Meyer

Professor (English Department Koblenz)
Sprechstunde: My office hour is on Tuesday, 2-3 p.m. during the semester. In summer semester 2020, I'll be on research leave.
Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik - Institut für Kulturwissenschaft (assoziiertes Mitglied)

Office hours during the break: February 18, 2-3, February 20, 4-5.

Summer semester 2020: I'll be on research leave and will not be able to answer emails regularly.

Information: Before you come to see me in my office hour, make sure you have checked all the relevant information online on the Anglistik homepage and my OLAT page: Research, Teaching, Exams.


In very urgent cases, call the secretary for my private phone number.


If you need my signature for any kind of document, see me in my office hour

or hand the complete document in to the secretary at least one week before your deadline.

In the semester break, send the complete document to me in a letter two weeks before you need the signature.

                                                                                        Michael Meyer


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