School Project

School Project: Cultural Studies in the EFL Classroom

This project is geared at advanced Bachelor-students. It connects topics and theories from cultural studies with practical teaching experience. Students first develop teaching units concerned with issues and topics from the field of cultural studies.  In a second step, these ideas are then implemented in the EFL classroom (during a 'project day') to test in how far concepts and theories of cultural studies can help to make the English classroom a more enriching learning environment.

This project is part of the university's initiative "Netzwerk Campus-Schulen," organized by the Zentrum für Lehrerbildung. I am grateful for the enthusiasm and support of the schools and teachers that are willing to be a part of this project.


Project Day Winter Term 2018-2019

This term's project day will take place on December 17, 2018 at the Realschule Plus Auf der Karthause. Students from the course "Teaching Anglophone Cultures" are preparing to work with the school's 5th and 9th graders on the topic of "Christmas", highlighting the specific Christmas traditions and practices of different English-speaking countries.


Project Day Winter Term 2018-2019

The project day took place on January 25, 2018 at the Realschule Plus Auf der Karthause. Students from the course "Teaching Visual Culture" worked with students from the 5th and 9th grade on a variety topics that dealt with the use and function of (still and moving) images in our culture.


Project Day Winter Term 2017-2018

This term's course "Hollywood Goes to School" focused on film, on the basis of which students developed teaching projects that ranged from looking at updates of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing or analysis of Donald Trump's speeches during the 2016 election campaign to the production of a short film against racism. The project days took place at three different schools: Realschule Plus Auf der Karthause (January 19th) Johannes-Gymnasium Lahnstein(January 20th and 24th) as well as the David-Roentgen-Schule Neuwied (February 2nd).


Project Day Winter Term 2016-2017

On January 25th and January 28th, students from my course "Identity and Subcultures in the EFL Classroom" gained real-life experience during a project day taught in school. The topics ranged from "Stereotypes and Advertisement," "Subcultures" or "Hip Hop" to "Punks" and "Power and Authority in the Harry Potter Films." The project day was organized in cooperation with two schools, the Realschule Plus Auf der Karthause and the Görres-Gymnasium.

In addition, students from our primary school program organized their own project day in two primary schools, the Grundschule Feldkirchen (Neuwied) and the Erich-Kästner-Grundschule in Bonn, working with students on "The Culture of South Africa" and "Family Life" respectively.


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