Study Group with Industry

The Mathematical Institute, Campus Koblenz, of the University Koblenz-Landau organizes together with its partners from the Polytechnic University St. Petersburg, Russia and the National Technical University Kiev, Ukraine, the first Business, Engineering and Educational Study Group with Industry. The European Study Group with Industry BEEs01/ESGI123 is funded by Volkswagen Foundation (project number 90336.) and will be organized in St Petersburg as Russian-German-Ukrainian collaboration on October, 24 – 28, 2016, Industrial partners like Airbus and Robert Bosch provide problems for the Study Group.

European Study Group with Industry is a week-long workshop where applied mathematicians work together with industrialists on R&D questions arising from industry or other organizations. An interested company may suggest a problem or research question to the workshop. An industry representative will be asked to present the problem on the first day. A team of mathematicians and experts of computational methods will tackle the problem for the consecutive 4 days. Results are presented on the last day. Oxford Study Group with Industry concept was pioneered at University of Oxford in 1960's. Later renamed as European Study Groups with Industry, ESGI has become a successful model worldwide.

Link to the Homepage of the BEEs01/ESGI123

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