New Product Development

Due to a sabbatical of Prof. Schaarschmidt, this course will not be offered this semester!

Course details:

New products and services development and management is among the most important taks on executives agenda. This is a fast-moving, interactive course, based on real-life experiences. Cutting edge business cases, as well as the newest thinking in product management, will be utilized throughout the course. Each student will have the opportunity to present a product that has flopped and discuss why it was unsuccessful. In addition, each student will be a member of a product team with fellow students and generate a New Product Development Plan for approval by the CEO (the instructor).

All students are expected to attend all classes and be on time. Missing one class means missing a significant part of the overall course material. Students are further reqeuested to prepare the cases assigned to a lecture. It is recognized that many students work a full time job that may require business travel and that illness does occur. All absences and tardiness must be discussed with the instructor in advance.

There is no textbook for this class. We will primarily work with powerpoint slides and cases. If you want to have something to read, I recommend Crawford and di Benedetto.

  • Crawford, M.; di Benedetto, A. (2011). New products management. 10th edition. McGraw-Hill.