Here you will find topics for possible Bachelor and Master theses. If you are interested to write your thesis about one of the following topics, please contact the respective supervisor via e-mail. Please also attach your CV, an overview of your courses already taken and a short motivation letter (could be the e-mail itself, no official document) stating why you are interested in this topic.

Theses may be written in English or German.

For theses and seminar essays please read and use the following instructions documented in this template (subject to change). [English template]

Important information

In January and February 2019 we accepted an exceptionally high number of Bachelor and Master Theses. As we have reached our capacity of handling supervisions, we can no longer accept new theses. We have to be that strict to ensure that we are still able to supervise students in a way that they expect (e.g. responding to emails, being available for meetings, etc.). Handling all current theses will take at least until August/September 2019. As Prof. Schaarschmidt will leave University by early 2020, we also cannot accept new theses after September 2019. In few cases, we will allow exceptions (e.g. if someone worked as Hiwi for us or we already ensured a supervision some time ago). So please refrain from contacting us in this regard.

It was a pleasure to work with you all.



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