Ria Tristya Amalia

Externe Doktorandin (Arbeitsgruppe von Korflesch)


  • Amalia, R. T.; Von Korflesch, H. (2021). Entrepreneurship Education in Indonesian Higher Education: Mapping Literature from the Country’s Perspective. Entrepreneurship Education. DOI: 10.1007/s41959-021-00053-9.
  • Amalia, R. T.; Von Korflesch, H. (2021). Entrepreneurship Education and Design Thinking: A Conceptual Threshold for Their Integration in Indonesian Higher Education. Presented at the 3rd International Conference on New Approaches in Education, virtual edition.
  • Amalia, R. T.; Von Korflesch, H. (2020). Practical teaching of Entrepreneurship in Higher Education with The Design Thinking Approach: The Case of Indonesia. Presented at the 24th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and SMEs (G-Forum), virtual edition.