Abstract:SemaPlorer is an easy to use application that allows end users to interactively explore and visualize a very large, mixed-quality and semantically heterogeneous distributed semantic data set in real-time. Its purpose is to acquaint oneself about a city, touristic area, or other area of interest. By visualizing the data using a map, media, and different context views, we clearly go beyond simple storage and retrieval of large numbers of triples. The interaction with the large data set is driven by the user. SemaPlorer leverages different semantic data sources such as DBpedia, GeoNames, WordNet, and personal FOAF files. These make a significant portion of the data provided for the billion triple challenge. It intriguingly connects with a large Flickr data set converted to RDF. SemaPlorer's storage infrastructure bases on Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Service. We apply NetworkedGraphs as additional layer on top of EC2, performing as a large, federated data infrastructure for semantically heterogeneous data sources from within and outside of the cloud. Therefore, the application is scalable with respect to the amount of distributed components working together as well as the number of triples managed overall. Hence, SemaPlorer is flexible enough to leverage for exploration almost arbitrary additional data sources that might be added in future.

Description of the Semaplorer System in PDF Format

Video of Simon's Presentation on (second video, talks starts at about minute 51) in the ISWC BTC track. Corresponding Presentation:Open Office|pdf|PowerPoint



"SemaPlorer won the Billion Triples 1st prize in the Elsevier sponsored 2008 Semantic Web Challenge!"


  • A video of the ISWC BTC talk is available online at (second video, starts at about minute 51)
  • 17.11.2008: We have shut down the EC2 based part of the infrastructure. Except for the Swoogle dataset, everything is now hosted at Uni Koblenz. As neither Swoogle nor SWSE can answer our queries for internet users with reasonable response times, we are extracting a subset of Swoogle, which will be hosted in Koblenz. Until then, no "Internet Users" will be found by Semaplorer. We will keep you posted, when this part of the dataset is available again.
  • 12.11.2008: Semaplorer now uses a live Flickr SPARQL endpoint, which is realised as a Sesame2 Sail. If you are interested, feel free to contact Simon or Carsten.




Semaplorer Demo from ISWeb research group on Vimeo


Start Semaplorer from Web Browser using Java-Webstart!

If you encounter problems starting SemaPlorer using Java-Webstart, please download the file, unzip it, and start the application using the enclosed start.bat file.

(Requires Java Runtime Environment Version 1.6 and >=256MB RAM, 1GB recommended)


Technologies by ISWeb we used for building the demonstrator (all available as OpenSource):








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