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Christian Meyer has won University award of Koblenz

Christian Meyer, a graduate of the University of Koblenz, has won the University award of Koblenz for his degree thesis in mathematics on the topic “Evaluation der Software CrypTool2 unter didaktischen Aspekten” (Evaluation of the software CrypTool2 under didactic aspects). The prize has been awarded by the Förderkreis Wirtschaft und Wissenschaft (friends of business and science).

The thesis was supervised jointly by the three parties. Department 3: mathematics and natural science (Prof. Ullrich), department 4: computer science (Prof. Grimm) and the coordinator of the open sources project “CrypTool” Prof. Bernhard Esslinger of the University of Siegen. Information about the friends of business and science can be found at http://www.foerderkreiswiwi.de/.  The CrypTool project is described at http://www.cryptool.com/. CrypTool is the world’s most widely used software for learning cryptography and is free to download. In 2008 it has been selected as a place of “Germany – Country of Ideas” under the
auspices of the Federal President.

Date of news Dec 19, 2010 12:00
last modified Jan 13, 2011 09:43