MSc Lecture/Exercise Business Process Management


Dear students,

this course will take place as planned. Due to the current situation, it will however be held in digital form. We are currently restructuring the course to an online format and will inform you about the modalities after the begin of the lectures (20.04.). Thank you for understanding and all the best.








Material/Course Plattform



The lecture is on conceptual, formal, and technical aspects of Business Process Management. It strongly focuses on non-managerial aspects. The lecture is built around the business process lifecycle, which describes how business processes can be designed, implemented, customized, executed, monitored, analyzed, evaluated, and, in turn, re-designed. We will introduce concepts and methodologies that support individual stages of the process lifecycle. The lecture will be a mixture of classic presentations, discussions, creative work and practical work with BPM tools. 


BPM will be entirely held in English. However, in case the course consists of German-speaking students only, we will switch to German.


How to get Credits

You will get 6 ECTS through passing an examination. In the exercises, we will dispose you for the exam through applying the concepts introduced in the lecture. Furthermore, you will have the possibility to gain extra points for the exam.



Please refer to the module handbook to check for preconditions.



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