Entrepreneurship Education a Round-the-World – Double Master Degree in Koblenz

Since 2017 a team led by the Vice President Prof. Dr. Harald von Korflesch has successfully established a curriculum for a double master degree in Information Management with a major in entrepreneurship, technology and innovation management (ETI-M) at the University in Koblenz and has signed agreements with six partner universities worldwide - so far.

From scratch – with the support of the international office – the team has established cooperation agreements with the Fouzhou University and the Bejing University in China, with the National Economics University and the Duy Tan University in Vietnam, with the Universidad Jesuita Guadalajara in Mexico and with the Wisconsin International University Ukraine – allowing their students to obtain the master degree of their home university and the master degree of the University of Koblenz-Landau at the same time.

So far 30 international students have inscribed for the double degree master program which combines studying at the home university with studying in Koblenz – either on-site or online. Most of the students take advantage of the blended learning approach because it is the ideal solution for all learning styles, personal circumstances and needs. It combines virtual classroom learning with the flexibility of e-learning. Still some of the international students take the chance and visit Koblenz for a course or two like a group of Vietnamese students just recently (see video).

The team has created an online platform allowing students to follow the courses whenever and wherever they want to – within a semester. The following courses are available online: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Strategy, Innovation and Technology Management, Digital Business Modeling, and Entrepreneurial Design Thinking®. Soon the offer will be accomplished by a course in Social Entrepreneurship and the possibility for students to evaluate their experience.

Above the core program, the team also offers train-the-trainer weeks in Koblenz for the teachers and the staff of the partner universities. During these stays the visitors immerse into the entrepreneurial eco-system at the University in Koblenz and its surroundings. Workshops for example on Design Thinking, meetings with founders and company visits are integrated in the weeks’ schedule.

In the next few months Prof. von Korflesch and his team will not only work on the acquisition of further partners but also on the strengthening of existing partnerships to ensure a constant demand for the double degree program.

If you are interested in further information, please feel free to contact one of the project coordinators Dr. Cornelia Delp (delp@uni-koblenz.de) or Christoph Jöcker (joecker@uni-koblenz.de).


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