Starting your own business! But how?

The next STAIR session is coming up soon. This session is open to all international master students in Landau. In this session the Gründungsbüro of the university (our entrepreneurial office) will introduce itself and show how start-ups can be assisted. The lecturer will explain how to get started and which support structure and services are available.

The Gründungsbüro will introduce self-employment as an alternative career path, so you have the possibility to find out whether you might want to consider starting your own company.
Moreover, examples of entrepreneurial activities will be given and you will have the chance to ask questions.

If you want to take part, please register for the session by sending an e-mail to by Thurday, 28 February 2019.

Eine Veranstaltung des Projektes StAIR in Kooperation mit dem Welcome Center Campus Landau und dem Gründungsbüro in Landau.

Wann 06.03.2019
von 12:00 bis 14:00
Wo Campus Landau, C1 - blue area - small conference room
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