Mohammed Ali Abdullah Al-Haddi

Former Member
Master student Ecotoxicology



After my bachelor study, my desire was to do my master in Ecotoxicology. Luck has guided me to Koblenz-Landau University. When I enrolled in Ecotoxicology program, I started to fulfill my main goal. Ecotoxicology is a unique program and is offered by few universities. This program is offered in Landau campus by Environmental Science Institute.

My background is related to this program. In my bachelor study, I studied Environmental Science in Hadhramout University in my home country "Yemen".


In this program, I learned a lot from the theoretical part and the practical part. The practical part is very essential in this program, a lot of time is dedicated for the lab work and the field work. I gained knowledge in the lab during the course methods of ecotoxicology and spent around two months internship in the mesocosm of the Institute.



Current research project

My current research project is to compare the effect of the biocide Bti on the target organism (mosquito larvae) and the non-target organism (chironomids larvae). Chironomids and mosquitoes belong to order diptera and are present in the same environment. Since Bti is applied to control mosquitoes, there is a potential effect on chironomids. Chironomids play an important role in the food web in the environment. This research project is to identify the concentration of Bti at which the chironomids are affected and compare it with concentration that affect the mosquito larvae.