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Application for doctoral studies

General information: The core element of the doctorate is the production of a doctoral thesis or dissertation is. Students agree their topic with a supervising professor and then produce a thesis or dissertation as a piece of independent research work.
As a rule, a requirement for acceptance as a doctoral student is an outstanding degree (e.g Master with Honours) in the corresponding subject area gained in a university programme. The traditional way to get accepted as a Ph.D. candidate at our university is to find an individual professor ready to accept you as his/her student. Those interested in taking a PhD at our University are requested to submit a research proposal.
Please note: The doctoral regulations are a matter for the respective university faculties.

Doctoral studies: none

Sozialbeitrag (student service dues): 100 € per semester. This fee must be paid at the start of each semester and comprises: student services (subsidised meals, access to free sports activities, student body activity and eligibility for some reduction of tickets (public transport system).

If you want to do a doctorate, your first job is to find a professor who would like to supervise your doctorate. This may be somebody who has published in your subject area or someone you met at a specialist conference. On the homepage of the University - Koblenz campus and Landau campus - you can learn who engages himself or herself in your research area.

The next step is to contact the possible supervisor.
To do this, please send an e-mail or letter with the following information:
1. Short description of your research topic
2. Details on your studies,
3. academic degrees (with marks/grades, grade point average) as attachment
4. Your curriculum vitae.
Once you've found a supervisor, you have to apply for admission and have your degree and marks checked to ensure that it is equivalent to the required German university degree. The faculty will review your grades and certificates and determine whether your degree is comparable with a degree in Germany, meaning whether a direct admittance is possible or whether you must supply additional academic achievements for the doctoral programme.

For your application you need to submit the following
1. Application form (Antrag auf Zulassung)
2. Officially certified copy of the school leaving certificate of the secondary school in the original language
3. Officially certified translations of the high school diploma/leaving certificate of the secondary school into German (Translations are not necessary for English and French certificates.)
4. Officially certified copies of any university degree received (e.g. Bachelor, Master, including marks/grades) in the original language
5. Officially certified translations any university degree received into Geramn (Translations for English and French certificates are not necessary.)
6. Doctoral supervision: confirmation by a professor from our University acting as academic supervisor of your doctoral studies and dissertation.
7. Complete curriculum vitae up to the time of application
8. German language proficiency: If you wish to write your dissertation in German, you need to be able to prove your proficiency in the language by presenting the TestDaF certificate (www.testdaf.de). However, many doctoral regulations meanwhile also provide for the opportunity to write the dissertation in English. The respective doctoral regulations govern all details. However, notice that your supervisor agrees to submit the dissertation in English.

Concerning official certifications of copies:
In Germany, official certifications of copies may be issued by the following authorities: office of the mayor or chief magistrate, civic authorities (town hall), courts, notaries. Problems may arise with the certification of the papers issued in languages other than German or English. In such cases applicants should contact their embassy or consulate for the certification of their documents.
Official certifications may not be issued by the following institutions: charitable institutions, parish offices, translators, health insurers, banks, building societies, students' unions etc.

Student residences are administered by the Studierendenwerk, an independent organization which is affiliated with but independend off the University.
Applications have to be send directly to
Koblenz: www.studierendenwerk-koblenz.de
Landau: www.studierendenwerk-vorderpfalz.de
Appartment in a student residence hall, rent per semester: 1500 € (including water, electricity and heating) plus 300 € refundable deposit. Dishes and bedding are not included.

Health insurance
As a rule, all students in Germany must have a valid health insurance policy. Doctoral candidates in Germany without a work contract or with a salary of less than 400 Euro per month must take out special, voluntary health insurance specific to this target group. You can take out voluntary health insurance with one of the public health funds. Private health insurance is the other. The Deutsche Studentenwerk has made a general agreement with the Union Versicherungsdienst. More information: https://portal.versicherungsdienste.de/dsw-studenten-kv/index.en.html

All international students who are not citizens of the European Union require a visa for the duration of their period of stay at a German university. Contact a German embassy or consulate in your home country regarding current entry and residence requirements. In order to obtain a visa, students must prove that they have sufficient financial support to cover their costs.

Costs of Study and Living
When you are planning your budget for living in Germany you need to calculate your everyday living expenses including your food, accommodation (rent and other bills), books and equipment, and clothes - making sure that you have enough left over for leisure activities and socialising.
All foreigners who intend to study in the Federal Republic of Germany must have sufficient financial means and be able to finance their study and costs of living.
The costs of living, including accommodation, add up to approximately € 3000 per semester. The largest monthly expense for students is the rent.

After you have found a professor and your academic achievements have been evaluated by the faculty, your application has to be approved by the Admission’s Office. You will get a Zulassungsbescheid (Letter of Admission) with additional information and the exact dates on which international students can enrol.
Enrolment, that is the pickup of student documents, takes place in the Registrar's Office (Studierendensekretariat).
You must show the following documents:
• Proof of Health insurance
• Letter of Admission
• Proof of paying the student services dues
• The original copies of your school certificates and/or transcripts from your home country
• German language proficiency (if required)
• Passport

Enrolment at German universities is valid for one semester only. Therefore, students have to re-register every semester.

Interdisciplinary Graduate Center
The Interdisciplinary Graduate Center (IPZ) of the University of Koblenz-Landau provides a faculty comprehensive, optimized framework for students who are admitted to a Ph.D.course. It is designed to complement the scientific mentoring provided by university professor and offers various workshops, membership of interdisciplinary workgroups and other services. For further information, please visit www.ipz.uni-koblenz-landau.de.

The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) offers a wide range of funding opportunities with which you can finance your stay in Germany. For detailed descriptions of these please go to the DAAD Scholarship Database.

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