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General Information

ERASMUS+ General Information and Instructions

All information provided is taken from the ERASMUS Guide, from the Erasmus Student Charter and our many years of experience in implementing the program. This information will be updated as soon as new information becomes available.

What is an ERASMUS + study stay?

Within the ERASMUS+ program students have the opportunity to study for one or two semesters at a European university in order to broaden their cultural and social skills and to improve their job prospects. They learn about the academic system of a foreign university as well as improve their learning methods.

The program allows you to study abroad in European countries for the period of 3 to 12 months. Students can be funded within ERASMUS+ multiple times in each study cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD) for a period of up to twelve months in total. The maximum funding period refers to the study cycle, not to the study subject. If a student completes a second bachelor / master, but has already taken the Erasmus + contingent of 12 months in the first bachelor / master, he / she cannot claim Erasmus+ funding in the second bachelor.

ERASMUS stays are funded in all participating program countries. These are all 28 member states of the EU as well as Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Turkey. The University of Koblenz-Landau currently has ERASMUS contracts with about 135 universities in 22 countries.

At which partner university you would like to spend an ERASMUS stay abroad depends on the ERASMUS partner universities of your field of study / your study subjects. An overview of the currently valid ERASMUS contracts as well as the active subject coordinators (your contact persons in the subject) can be found here.

Country of destination Switzerland: Switzerland has been excluded from the Erasmus + program since 2014. However, the cooperation agreements with the partner universities remain. The funding of your stay will be provided by the Swiss partner university. So you can still apply for a place at a Swiss partner university.

You need to....

  • be enrolled for a full-time degree (Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, etc.) or as a doctoral student
  • have completed two semesters of studies before starting a semester abroad (applies only to bachelor students)
  • have good academic performance and good to very good command of the language of instruction of the partner university

Your stay must ...

  • take place at one of the ERASMUS partner universities, which has a valid cooperation with your field of study
  • last at least 3 (except trimesters) and up to 12 months
  • no tuition fees at the partner university
  • simplified application procedure at the foreign university
  • depending on the university you can get housing on campus or assistance in the search of appropriate apartments
  • linguistic preparation, e.g. free and / or low-cost language courses offered by the partner universities before and during their studies abroad
  • free online language tests (compulsory) and online language courses in many European languages
  • supervision by the home university

Each semester, you will receive a binding funding commitment for a maximum of 4 months. One month is always calculated with 30 days.

To find out more on “Special grants for students with children” and on “Special grants for students with disabilities” please check our website or talk to your International Office on campus.

If you are thinking of spending part of your studies abroad through the ERASMUS+ program, you should check our partner universities list to find out about your exchange opportunities. Additionally you need to think about the following:

  • Which semester / academic year is appropriate for your exchange?
  • Which language of instruction do you master at the intermediate level so that you can follow the course contents?
  • Are all the subjects you would like to attend offered at the partner university?

Please visit the websites of the partner universities that interest you and research the above points.

After your first independent research, you are welcome to take advantage of the following counseling services:

  • Go-out events on campus Koblenz and Landau. Here we inform you about the basics of the ERASMUS + program.
  • Individual consultations in the International Office on Campus Koblenz or Landau
  • Consultation by the ERASMUS+ subject coordinator. In order to clarify subject-specific questions on the focal points of the individual partner universities, the application process, course selection and recognition, please make an appointment with your subject coordinator.

 In the ERASMUS + Student Charter (see ERASMUS Download Center), the European Commission has set out the rights and obligations of ERASMUS students.