Number of cases Mainz: 0 (warning level Grün) Action plan

Number of cases campus Koblenz: 1 (warning level Gelb until 12.02.2021) Action plan

Number of cases campus Landau: 1 (warning level Gelb until 01.02.2021) Action plan

Research of the Peace Academy


How do environmental changes affect resource conflicts? How can human security in vulnerable societies and regions be improved and how can the risk of violence be reduced? How can institutional reforms promote crisis prevention and conflict management in the environmental sector? We investigate these questions in the Peace Academy’s research area on environmental and natural resource conflicts.


Crisis Prevention and Civil Conflict Resolution


In a world with increasingly complex actors and relationship constellations, growing demands for civil conflict resolution and crisis prevention can be observed. Social conflicts require accompanying strategies for conflict resolution. We investigate these questions in the Peace Academy’s research area on inner-societal and cross-border conflicts.


Peace Education


One of the central aims of Peace Education is to provide educational expertise for reflexive individual and social processes. Peace Education provides methodological support in the critical examination of social structures and the strengthening of peace skills at individual, collective and institutional levels. Due to its strong practical relevance, peace education research is a reciprocal process of theory, practice and conceptual development.