Dr. Emmanuel Mushimiyimana

Associated Fellow (Rwanda-Center and Office for Africa-Cooperation)
-External Scientist, DFG-TWAS Scholar, Visiting Scientist 2021-
Home-University: University of Rwanda,Rwanda

University of Rwanda, Huye Campus

College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS)

School of Governance


Research focus and interests:

Political Science: Globalisation, Governance and Development, Political Economy in Africa, with focus to Central East Africa.

Current research topics and research questions beeing addressed:

Assessment of the Use of E-Democracy for local government effectiveness and efficiency: Case of Huye, Nyarugenge (Rwanda) and Koblenz (Germany). How do the districts of Huye, Nyarugenge in Rwanda and Koblenz City in German use e-democracy to be more efficient and effective to the demands of people?

(1) What are the existing tools that people and leaders use for e-democracy in Huye, Nyarugenge and Koblenz?

(2) How do people from these districts and city use them to claim for their demands, make objection in the deliberation of local public policy?

(3) How do they use them in the participation in the decision-making and implementation of policies?

(4) How do local leaders such as District Executive Committee (DEC) and District Councils respond to the demands of the people?

(5) Are those feedbacks democratic (responding to the will of people), effective (reaching their objective) and efficient (less costly)?

(6) What are the main similarities and differences in the use of e-democracy in both Rwanda and Germany local governments (Huye and Nyarugenge versus Koblenz)?

(7) What are the main challenges encountered by these local governments of Huye, Nyarugenge and Koblenz in the use of e-democracy and how can they overcome them?


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