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Number of cases campus Koblenz: 0 (warning level Grün) Action plan

Number of cases campus Landau: 1 (warning level Gelb until 01.02.2021) Action plan

Teacher training certificate programs

The academic teaching qualification can be acquired in an additional subject (supplementary subject) as a part of the teaching-oriented certificate program. Eligible is anyone enrolled in the 5th or higher semester of a teaching-oriented Bachelor’s degree program at Koblenz-Landau University for the relevant specialization or who has passed the teaching-oriented Bachelor’s or Master’s examination or the 1st state examination.  You can find a detailed list of subjects for school-specific specializations in section 3 of the examination regulations. Admission restrictions apply to certain subjects. See here for information on selection criteria (information available in German)


Examination regulations for the lehramtsbezogenen Zertifikatsstudiengang (Information available in German)


Federal decree on the recognition of university examinations as an extended examination for teaching posts dated 8 July, 2011 (Information available in German).