Leave of absence

Course- and exam-related qualifications cannot be obtained during the semester breaks. The relevant examinations committee or examinations office may be prepared to make exceptions in individual cases.

If you are granted leave of absence, this does not exempt you from paying your various student fees!

Eligibility for leave of absence

Students can apply for leave of absence in the following circumstances:

  1. Maternity or parental leave
  2. Illness (the illness and its estimated duration need to be certified by a doctor)
  3. Illness, birth or death of a family member that requires your extended absence from university
  4. You wish to continue a course of study at a foreign university or a period of study in a foreign country
  5. You are taking an internship that serves your course of study, assuming that you are unable to take the internship during a semester break
  6. You are required to do national service in accordance with Article 12a Para. 1 and 2 of the German Constitution (GG). In this case, we would point out that it may be advisable for you to apply for removal from the register of students. Please make sure that you contact the registrar’s office and inform yourself of the advantages and disadvantages of taking leave of absence and removal from the register of students.
  7. In cases of extreme financial hardship, in particular if students are temporarily unable to otherwise support themselves or support dependents
  8. You are involved in student self-administration or are undertaking duties for other university institutions or committees

Duration of leave of absence

Leave of absence is granted for the duration of one semester. It applies to all degree programs for which a student is enrolled, and is effective for the entire semester irrespective of the point in time at which the application was submitted or accepted.

It will usually only be possible to be granted leave of absence during a particular course of study on a maximum of two occasions for the duration of a maximum of two consecutive semesters. If leave of absence is being applied for in connection with maternity or parental leave, the duration of the leave of absence will be the duration of the maternity or parental leave.


Application for leave of absence

The application form is available at the download center.