Dipl.-Math. (FH) Dagmar Lang

Research Associate of the Active Vision Group
Sprechstunde: only by appointment
+49 261 287-2785
+49 261 287-2754 (Fax)
B 313


  • Rescue robotics
  • Semantic mapping
    • Classification of semantic objects
    • Representation of semantic maps



Lang, Dagmar; Paulus, Dietrich (2014): Semantic Maps for Robotics. In: Proceedings of the "Workshop on AI Robotics" at the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation.

Lang, Dagmar; Friedmann, Susanne; Paulus, Dietrich (2014): Adaptivity of Conditional Random Field based Outdoor Point Cloud Classification. In: Proceedings of Open German-Russian Workshop on Pattern Recognition and Image Understanding.

Lang, Dagmar; Friedmann, Susanne; Häselich, Marcel; Paulus, Dietrich (2014): Definition of Semantic Maps for Outdoor Robotic Tasks. In: Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics.


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Lang, Dagmar; Ermer, Veronika; Shah, Nadim Jon; Neeb, Heiko (2009): Segmentation of Multiple Sclerosis Lesions using Quantitative MRI. In: 17th Scientific Meeting and Exhibition International Society for Magnetic Resonce in Medicine.


Concluded theses

Titel Art Abgabedatum
A Full 2D/3D GraphSLAM System for Globally Consistent Mapping based on Manifolds Diplomarbeit 30.09.2011
Schleifenschlusserkennung zur Erstellung von 3D Karten Diplomarbeit 31.03.2011

Titel Art Abgabedatum
Änderungsdetektion in 3D Laserscans Studienarbeit 28.02.2011
Entwicklung eines 3D Kartierungsalgorithmus für RoboCup Rescue Studienarbeit 30.04.2011