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DFG - Sequencing Costs in Projects, Deadline: 21.04.21

In December 2020, the Senate of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) decided to extend the funding initiative on next generation sequencing (NGS) until 2023. Under this initiative, now in its fourth round, the DFG invites proposals for projects in which sequencing will be carried out at DFG-funded competence centres for next generation sequencing at the universities of Bonn/Cologne/Düsseldorf, Dresden, Kiel, and Tübingen. As in the past, this call provides funding for projects with anticipated sequencing costs of €100,000 to €1 million.

Eligibility and Proposal Requirements

Applicants must meet the standard eligibility criteria required in the research grants programme. Proposals may be submitted individually or jointly by more than one applicant, for instance, if additional expertise, such as sample preparation and data analysis, is included. Only projects whose sequencing cost requirement is scientifically justified and in the mandatory range as mentioned above (€100,000 to €1 million) may be requested. Projects not reaching the lower threshold are recommended to apply in the regular individual research grants programme.

Sequencing costs include all expenses that will be incurred by the relevant competence centre within the framework of the project (such as sample preparation). The proposal process requires that a declaration of intent be submitted in advance (see dates, deadlines and further information). The DFG will notify all planned projects of which centre to contact with regard to negotiating the anticipated sequencing costs.

Dates, Deadline

The submission of a letter of intent is required in advance of submission of a full proposal. Declarations of intent must be sent as a PDF file to Link auf E-MailWGI-NGS@dfg.de no later than 21 April 2021 using the form “Declaration of Intent” (DoI_Sequencing_Costs, see below). Please use the following file name structure when sending in the form: DoI_Sequencing_Costs_LastNameContactPerson_FirstNameContactPerson_City. At this stage, no consultation with one of the sequencing centres is required. For your cost estimate, please use current market prices as an orientation. The project content of the later proposal must be the same as that stated in the letter of intent. More...

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