Wohnen - FAQ

Questions on accommodation? Please take a look at our FAQ before sending an individual enquiry.


The Student Service Organisation (Studierendenwerk) informs the students approximately two months before the semester starts (in August for the Winter Semester / in February for the Summer Semester) if they get a room. The chance is however rather low due to a big demand.

No, they are not. Only some 5% of students can get a dormitory room.

Be friendly, write few words about yourself, sign with your name (also via WhatsApp). Try to make a good impression. Renting flats in Germany is more like starting a relation than booking a hotel.

Links to the offers can be found here.

The room prices vary from 300 to 400€ per month. Most of the flats are rented without furniture, often also without the kitchen devices. Be prepared to buy the necessary equipment.

Most of the owners take a security deposit in advance that can go up to three monthly rents.

Get in contact with your buddy, senior students (e.g. via Facebook), check for the new offers online every day and apply to each new posting.

Links to the offers can be found here.

A lawyer advice for free can be booked with the Student Service Organisation. See for more information here.