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05. May 2021




PhD Candidates: Module C
Postdocs: Module D


Rebecca Winkels

Head of strategic communication at Science in Dialogue. She studied biology and science journalism and has been working in science co-mmunication for 10 years.


Science Communication Platforms – Which one is best for me?

A Digital Event for PhD Candidates and Postdocs

The workshop will give insights into science communication, the latest trends and developments in the field. The participants will learn about how science communication developed from its approach to educate and inform the general public towards the current trend of creating formats for a digitalised society and fragmented media landscape.

Therefore the workshop will analyse the strengths and weaknesses of different science communication formats as well as the special significance of social media for science communication. An emphasis will be put on the role scientists play on social media platforms.

The participants will also learn how to build a communication strategy suitable for their goals, needs and resources. Thus, they will become familiar with social media channels like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and will be able to identify which channels have the most potential for their specific communication topic and communication aims.


An event of STIBET funded by the DAAD with financial means of the German Federal Foreign Office


Wann 05.05.2021
von 09:00 bis 17:00
Wo Videoconference
Name Corina Krohm (IPZ)
Kontakttelefon 0261-287 2951
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