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10. May 2021

Provision of the documents via OLAT on 03. May 2021


OLAT, Live Exchange via Video-conference


PhD Candidates: Module B


Irina Muschik

Diplom biologist and trained media designer. She combines her scientific knowledge with graphic design skills to communicate scientific findings visually.


Visual Abstracts – Create immediate understanding of your research

A Digital Event for PhD Candidates of the Departments 3 and 7

A "Visual Abstract" is used in more and more journals as a supplement to or even as a replacement for a classic abstract. In doing so the quintessence of the research results should be made clear in a single graphic that can be grasped at a glance. Visual abstracts are particularly useful for natural scientists.

The aims of the seminar are the introduction to graphic knowledge (composition, technical background, software) and instructions for the creation of visualized research results, which the students and scientists can use for the publication of their scientific work.

The event, which starts via OLAT on May 3rd, consists of theoretical backgrounds on the concept of visual abstracts and graphic design. Subsequently, the participants should consider the abstraction and ultimately the visualization of their current research results and implement them in practical exercises. The visual abstracts can be created by the participants in PowerPoint.

The first results will be improved in a personal feedback discussion with the trainer on May 10th.

Wann 10.05.2021
von 09:00 bis 14:00
Wo OLAT, Live Exchange via Videoconference
Name Corina Krohm (IPZ)
Kontakttelefon 0261-287 2951
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