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Make a Point – Stand your Ground

A Digital Event for Postdocs, Junior Professors and Newly Appointed Professors

Rhetorical discussion and assertiveness training

How can I hold my own in important discussions? Defend important opinions in the face of strong criticism? Not get silenced or pushed around?​

​The feeling of not being taken seriously, shrinking into the background in arguments and heated discussions, and giving ground too easily when challenged are all too commonplace.​

​This seminar gives you tools to improve on all fronts: To argue convincingly, creatively and appropriately. To make a confident and strong impression both verbally and non-verbally. To hold your own and stick to your message in the thick of confrontation, criticism and challenge. To remain active and present in group discussions.

 A preparatory worksheet will be sent in advance, encouraging self-reflection and forming a first point of contact with some of the key webinar themes.

Registration deadline: November 12th 2020

Tutor: Orlando Schenk


An event in cooperation with STIBET funded by the DAAD with financial means of the German Federal Foreign Office


This event is assigned to the following modules:

Postdocs – module C "Kommunikation & Führung"

Junior Professors – module D "Gestalten & Optimieren"

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Wann 27.11.2020
von 10:30 bis 17:00
Wo OLAT + Videoconference
Kontakttelefon 0261/287-2977
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