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Scientific Writing: From Having an Idea to Publication (1/2)

A Two-Parted Workshop for PhD Candidates and Postdocs of Natural Sciences [Waiting list]

Publications in high-ranking journals are the currency of science and of vital importance for your scientific career. Publishing papers is necessary to get your work seen by the scientific community and the general public, and to ensure you receive recognition for your results. However, how to reach these goals? The course shall help you to write the best paper possible by providing you with points to consider, from background reading and study design to structuring your manuscript through to submission. The course includes tips, suggestions, and exercises.
Attention: This course consists of two parts which build on each other, and focusses exclusively on publishing in natural sciences.



      • Publications as the scientific currency
      • The research idea
      • From having an idea to a data set
      • Which journal and why?
      • The structure of a manuscript
      • Graphs, tables, literature work
      • The cover letter
      • Wat is peer review? 
      • The publication process: Preparation, submission, review, and revision


Tutor: Prof. Dr. Klaus Fischer

Location: To be announced. If possible, the workshop will take place in Koblenz, according to the Corona situation in January Prof. Fischer might switch to a digital format.

This event is assigned to the following modules:

PhD Candidates – module B "Scientific Skills für die Promotion"

Postdocs – module B "Wissenschaft & Forschung"




Wann 15.01.2021
von 09:00 bis 13:00
Wo To be announced
Kontakttelefon 0261/287-2951
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