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Writing a Clear and Convincing Discussion Section (2/2)

A Two-Parted Digital Workshop for PhD Candidates [Waiting List]

People read papers in different ways. Some start with the abstract. Others go straight to the data, but many begin with the part they find the most interesting – the Discussion Section. Furthermore, when referees reject a paper, they often focus on weaknesses in the discussion. Hence, writing a strong Discussion Section that makes the significance of your research contribution crystal clear is a skill you need to acquire.

In this workshop, we will look at the content and basic structure of the Discussion Section, various strategies to simplify the process of discussing your results and some technical language-related aspects.


Topics are

      • content and organisationusing signaling language to highlight the answer to your question
          • establishing the importance of your work
          • using a chain of topic sentences to tell the story
          • language-related questions and tone
          • phrasebank of useful language
      • language and style: Writing clearly and conciselyinternal and external structure
          • writing short, concise sentences
          • improving word order
          • internet resources
      • feedback

Each participant shares his/her text with two other participants and the trainer before the video meeting session.

Tutor: Amanda Habbershaw


An event in cooperation with STIBET funded by the DAAD with financial means of the German Federal Foreign Office


This event is assigned to the following modules:

PhD Candidates – module C "Profilgestaltung in der Promotion"




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Wann 26.11.2020
von 09:00 bis 15:30
Wo Videoconference, Group 1: 9.00-10.30; Group 2: 11.00-12.30; Group 3: 14.00-15.30
Kontakttelefon 0261/287-2952
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