Number of cases campus Koblenz: 1 (warning level Gelb until 12.02.2021) Action plan

Topics of Seminars

Selected topics of seminars:

    Environmental & Architectural psychology:

    (together with upper level students of architecture from the University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz)

        Ecological psychology

        Environmental Psychology

        Introduction to Architectural Psychology

        Intelligent architecture

        Work environments: Factories and offices

        Analysis of the workplace

        Learning environments (museum, Kindergarten, school, universitie, librarie, school for handicapped children )

        Therapeutic environments

        Residential environments

        Environment and quality of life from the psychological point of view

    Educational psychology

        Diagnostics in schools

        Diagnostics: Disorders in schools

        Creativity in intelligence and problem solving

        Creativity and innovation

        Creativity and technics of creativity

        Creativity, intelligence and innovation

        Coping and designing

        Psychology of emotion

        The "good" life and Psychology of happiness

        Emotions in interaction with cognition and action

        Communication und interpersonal perception

        Experience of self-efficacy

        Theories of control and attribution

        Identity and control

        Optimism, the shift from learned helplessness

        Social and emotional intelligence

        Social psychology in school and education

    Work- & Organizational psychology:

        Work efficiency and flow

        Psychology in economics and business

        Work satisfaction and quality of life

        Selected aspects of the work & organizational psychology

        Conflict management

        Psychology of advertising and media

        Psychology on productivity of work in offices


        Repeated examination preparation courses

        Experiments in psychology (in the observation laboratory with the one-way mirror).

        Humanistic psychology

        The use of playing as therapy

        Project seminar: field studies

        Psychological demonstrations and excercises

        Each term Methods of Empirical Social Research; (also together with Prof. Dr. Klaus G. Troitzsch, Intitute for Social Computer Sciences; University Koblenz)

    Advisor for theses and examinations

    Examinations / Diploma