Prof. Dr. Nicole Maruo-Schröder

Professor (English Department Koblenz)
Sprechzeiten: please see below
Institut für Anglistik und Amerikanistik - Institut für Kulturwissenschaft (assoziiertes Mitglied)

Chair of the English Department (together with Professor Michael Meyer)

Senate representative for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FB2)

Speaker of the senate committee Koblenz (Senatsausschuss Koblenz)

Office hour during the Break:

February 15, March 8 and March 14

My office hour will take place on campus, please register via OLAT for a slot). Online appointments are also possible, if necessary (and need to be discussed with me beforehand).

Before you come to talk to me about oral exams and term paper requirements, please read the information below carefully. Please also refer to my exam folder on OLAT. Come informed! And yes, you need two different topics for your final oral exam in M 10, 11, or 12!

Of course, you can also contact me via e-mail, sending me questions, outlines, etc. Most questions regarding formatting, citation, etc. for term papers can be independently answered (i.e., by yourself) by consulting the Anglistik style sheet!

Please note: I won't be available from July 23 to August 10, 2022.

As soon as I have corrected your term paper, you will get the electronic version with my comments. After you have looked carefully at my feedback, you are very welcome to discuss it with me in one of my office hours. 


Before you come to me with any general questions concerning module exams, please refer to my exam folder on OLAT (click here ).

Module 5-12 written exam (term paper):

For term papers it is obligatory to use the latest Anglistik style sheet as a guide for questions regarding the format, citation, etc. Please  also refer to my exam folder on OLAT for further details and model papers.

Submission of term papers:

If you would like to have detailed feedback on your term paper, please hand in two copies of it (one for yourself and one for the Hochschulprüfungsamt to keep) - exception Corona semesters, see below. If you need to have your grade for the term paper early, please notify me AND put a sticky note on top of your term paper with the date.

Please note: I will keep student term papers (the 2nd copy) only for a maximum of two terms. After this period, they will be destroyed, so please pick them up as soon as possible. Paper copies can be picked up in the secretary's office (F120).

Corona semester(s).

Currently, due to the Corona pandemic, you have to submit your term paper both via e-mail (to me, ccing our secretary Ms Necke) and as a paper copy (including the necessary forms) for the HPA. I will give feedback on the electronic version, the paper copy goes to the HPA. You can also hand in two paper copies - in this case, you 'll get feedback on the second paper copy.

Module 10, 11, 12 (M.Ed.): oral exam

If you are planning to take your oral exam in M 11 (or 10 or 12 should you have taken the course with me), contact me as soon as possible since dates for the oral exam cannot be given out on short notice. You need to contact me in by the end of May/ November at the latest if you want to take the exam at the end of the term, Please note that dates will be assigned and cannot be picked (although we try to accommodate your preferences).  Please note that you will need two different topics (with several primary texts each, plus secondary literature) for the oral exam. For information on contents, model handout, etc., please refer to the respective exam folder on OLAT.


Thesis (Bachelor or Master):

Before I sign anything for the Hochschulprüfungsamt, you have to hand in an abstract in which you sketch the project, your argument, a tentative outline, and, most importantly, your working thesis. You will also have to write up a time frame for the project and add a list with the sources that you will use.

If I feel that the project is unsuitable (too vague, too large, etc.) or that it lacks focus (e.g., a thesis!) you will need to rewrite and revise the abstract. In other words, in most cases, I do not sign the HPA-form immediately. If you need to meet a deadline and require my signature before a specific date, come early and not on the same day.

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