Exams and Supervision

Term Papers (M5-M8): 

Students who need to obtain an LN/Prüfungsleistung in my classes will need to write a critical, innovative paper with a strong literary or cultural focus on one of the texts in class, or on questions and ideas which came up to you during the semester. As we are commonly dealing with time periods and a number of different genres and phenomena in my courses, you are more than welcome to conduct a research project according to your individual interests. Students are required to write a short (1 page, minimum 300 words) proposal for their research topic that needs to be approved by the instructor beforehand. All students writing term papers in my courses have to come and see me at least once in person during office hours to talk about their projects.

The length of the term paper has to be between 4000-6000 words (Modulprüfung B.Ed) unless stated otherwise in your individual “Prüfungsordnung”. Written work should conform to the format presented in the MLA Handbook (8th Edition) for appropriate quotation and citation and follow the style sheet found on the department's website. Term papers need a minimum of eight secondary sources in their Works Cited section. Not more than half of the sources used should be electronic sources.


Deadlines SoSe 21: 

  • M 4.3 Writing Skills:  10 May (TTT/Research Question); 31 May (Essay 1st Draft); 14 Jun (Essay); 09 August (Portfolio M4)
  • M 5.4 Teaching Literature: 27 April (Teaching Philosophy Statement); 15 June (Abstracts for Term Papers); 09 August (Term Papers). 
  • M 6.3 Medicine and Science in the Long Eighteenth Century : 28 June (Abstracts for Term Papers), 09 August (Term Papers)


Note: Students have to submit an abstract of 300 words including working title (electronically, docx.-format), thesis statement and at least three references before writing their M5, M6 or M8 papers. Deadline is in accordance with the deadline listed above (see M6) for the respective semester that means that students from prev. M5-M8-seminars who plan to write their paper with me need to submit their abstracts by 28 June 2021 as well. 


Bachelor/Master Theses:

I welcome discussion about possible bachelor/master thesis projects from students interested to engage with topics in accordance with my research areas (s. Forschung/Research). If you plan to write your bachelor or master thesis with me as your first supervisor, please schedule an appointment for individual consultation about your topic idea ahead of time. Before I will sign any official documents for the HPA, you will have to submit a research proposal about your topic (ca. 2 pages), in which you outline your project idea (preliminary arguments, scientific relevance, research question, primary sources) and, most importantly, your working thesis. Your proposal should be accompanied by a time frame for the project and a list of sources (primary/secondary) you intend to use. Only proposals meeting all of these requirements will be accepted - if I feel that your thesis abstract is too vague, unanswerable or lacks a clear focus/thesis you will have to revise and resubmit.

Please note: Currently, all slots are filled for 2021. As my contract ends in September 2022, I cannot offer any slots for spring/summer 2022.


Ankündigung (Vertragsende):

Mein Vertrag endet im September 2022. Daher möchte ich alle Studierenden, die in den kommenden zwei Semestern Prüfungsleistungen für einen meiner Kurse erbringen möchten bzw. noch Prüfungsleistungen aus bereits abgeschlossenen Kursen erbringen müssen, bitten ihre Arbeiten zeitnah einzureichen, d.h. spätestens zur Prüfungsphase im SoSe 2022.

Aus gegebenem Anlass werde ich derzeit keine Bachelor-und Masterarbeiten mehr betreuen können (s.o.). Auch die Betreuung/Vermittlung für die von mir betreuten Auslandskooperationen (Texas, GET Schottland, Winona, Fisher College) sind davon betroffen. Sollte einer Vertragsverlängerung stattgegeben werden, informiere ich Sie zeitnah. 



Betreuung von Qualifikationsarbeiten (als Erstgutachterin)

Masterarbeiten (M.Ed.)

3. Wilden, C. (2021). Coming Out and Coming of Age - Exploring Constructions of Identity in Selected Young Adult Literature on Homosexuality.

2. Farber, A. (2019/20). Vested Identities. Challenging Status, Gender and Sexuality through Clothing in Selected Medieval Texts. (Nominiert als beste Abschlussarbeit des Fachbereich 2, 2020)

1. Schuler, S. (2018). The Depiction of Seduction, Pleasure and Prostitution in 18th Century British Literature.


Bachelorarbeiten (B.Ed.)

10. Kosenko, A. (2021) The Female Body as the Last Resort: The Interrelation of Politics and Women's Bodies in Selected Satires by Jonathan Swift. 

9. Cordes, L. (2019). “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then” – Constructions of Childhood and Identity in Lewis Carroll’s Alice Adventures in Wonderland.

8. Klekotka, F. (2019). Dualism in Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest: A Gendered and Ecocritical Reading.

7. Rosemann, R. (2018). Masquerade and Disguise in the Works of Eliza Haywood (Junges Forschen I)
6. Kollmann, L. (2017). Dystopian Female Bodies: The Depiction and Interrelation of Body Theory and Power in Veronica Roth’s

5. Retz, M. (2018). Independent and Confident Princesses: Female Emancipation in Disney’s Tangled and Kiss the Frog.

4. Wiechert, L. (2018). The Depiction and Interrelation of Power and Ideology in 12 Years a Slave.

3. Röwekamp, A. Visualizing Chance: Economic and Cultural Criticism in the Works of Virginia Lee Burton (1930-1950).

2. Ballmann, M. (2016). Homosexuality, Gender Identity and Diversity in Children’s Literature.
1. Hogenkamp, D. (2016). Reversing Gender: Constructions of Femininity in Suzanne Collins’
The Hunger Games.