List of modules

Compulsory Modules always in English    15 LP
03PH2501    Solid State Physics    6 LP    1 semester
    3525011     V Solid State Physics     4 LP    summer
    3525012     Ü Solid State Physics     2 LP    summer
03XX2401    Synthesis and Characterization of
            Functional Materials    9 LP    2 semester
    3524015     V Production and Functionalization of materials     3 LP    winter
    3524016     V Characterization of material structure and properties     3 LP    summer
    3524017     S Application of functional materials
        (choose one professor for your seminar contribution,
        includes further attendance at six additional talks)    3 LP     both

Specialization modules always in English    18 LP- 30 LP
03CH2401    Modern concepts of inorganic chemistry     6 LP    1 semester
    3324011     V Modern concepts of inorganic molecular chemistry    3 LP    summer
    3324012     Ü Experimental Exercises    3 LP      summer
03CH2402    Thermochemistry    6 LP    2 semester
    3324021     V Thermodynamics of condensed phases    3 LP     winter
    3329081     VmÜ Thermochemistry    3 LP     summer
03CH2403    Polymer chemistry and active substance synthesis     6 LP    1 semester
    3324031     V Polymer chemistry    3 LP    winter
    3324032     V Natural products chemistry and Ingredient synthesis    3 LP    winter
03PH2503    Surface Science    6 LP    1 semester
    3525031     VmÜ Vacuum Technology    3 LP    winter
    3525032     VmÜ Foundations of Surface Science    3 LP    winter
03PH2504    Applied Theoretical Physics    not available
    3525041     VmÜ Applied Theoretical Physics 1    in the moment
    3525042     VmÜ Applied Theoretical Physics 2    earliest winter 18/19
03PH2505    Polymer Science    6 LP    1 semester
    3525051     VmÜ Polymer Physics    3 LP    summer
    3525052     VmÜ Characterization methods in Polymer Science    3 LP     summer

Research work always in English     45 LP
03XX2402    Research Project    15 LP     2nd sem.
        P project work (with one of the research groups)    14 LP    both
        S seminar of the chosen research group    1 LP    both
03XX2490    Master Thesis    25 LP    3rd sem.
        Master thesis (with one of the research groups)    25 LP    both
03XX2499    Oral Final Exam    5 LP    last sem.
        Final oral exam (with professor of master thesis)    5 LP    both

Electives in English (for requirements and semester see KLIPS of FB4)    0 LP – 12 LP
04IM2008    New Product Development    6 LP
04IN2007    Real-Time Systems    6 LP
04IN2026    Introduction to Web Science    8 LP
04IN2032    Basics of Embedded Systems    6 LP
04WI2001    Advanced Enterprise Information Management    6 LP
04WI2013    Enterprise Architecture Modeling     6 LP

Elective Modules in German only (level B2 required)    0 LP – 12 LP
03CH2404    Analytische Chemie (Analytical Chemistry)    7 LP
03BI1317    Umweltmikrobiologie (Environment Microbiology)    6 LP
03CH2405    Technische Chemie (Technical Chemistry)    7 LP
03CH2406    Biochemie (Biochemistry)    7 LP
03CH2407    Aktuelle Fragen der Chemie
        (Current topics in chemistry)    7 LP
03GE2308    Bodenfunktion und Bodenschutz
        (Soil Function and Soil Protection)    6 LP
03MA1107    Stochastik (Stochastic Models)    8 LP
03MA2401    Modellieren und Simulieren für Naturwissenschaftler
        (Modeling and Simulating for Natural Scientists)    6 LP
03PH2402    Aktuelle Fragen der Physik
        (Current topics in physics)     6 LP
04IM2009    Entrepreneurship und Technologietransfer
        (Scientific Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer)    6 LP
04IN2035    Drahtlose Kommunikation (Wireless Communication)    6 LP
04WI2024    IT-Risk-Management    6 LP