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A Description Logic Voyage: From Inexpressive to Expressive Languages and Back

Prof. Dr. Franz Baader, Technische Universität Dresden

Description Logics (DL) are a successful family of logic-based knowledge representation languages, which can be used to represent the conceptual knowledge of an application domain in a structured and formally well-understood way. They are employed in various application domains, such as natural language processing, configuration, and databases, but their most notable success so far is the adoption of the DL-based language OWL as standard ontology language for the semantic web. OWL is based on a very expressive language with worst-case intractable reasoning problems.
The talk will first give a brief introduction into DL and an overview of the research in this area of the last 20 years. It will then argue that the fact that there are effective and practically useful reasoning procedures for the DL underlying OWL strongly depends on this fundamental research, without which the development of OWL would not have been possible. In spite of these successes of expressive
languages, OWL and existing reasoners for OWL are not appropriate for all ontology applications. The talk will describe the more recent development of polynomial-time reasoning procedures for less
expressive description logics, which can deal with very large biomedical ontologies much better than the existing highly-optimised OWL reasoners.

Wann 12.11.2008
von 16:15 bis 16:15
Wo D239
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