The Active Vision Group has been working with autonomous mobile systems for many years. We work with different platforms and use indoor and outdoor robots for scientifc research and education both for Bachelor and Master students of Computer Sciences.


Robbie Arena


Robbie is the Active Vision Group's autonomous search and rescue robot and competed in the RoboCupRescue league. During the last years Robbie won the World Champion title at the RoboCup World Championchips in the category "Autonomous Rescue Robots" twice already. Further Information about Robbie can be found here.


old and new Lisa


Lisa is an autonomous service robot that participates in the RoboCup@Home league. She won the "Innovation Award" at the RoboCup World Championchips in 2010 and the "Technical Challenge Award" at the RoboCup 2012 in Mexico-City. In 2015 Lisa became World Champion in the RoboCup@Home League in China. More Information about Lisa can be found here.




Roach is a lightweight and agile robot equipped with different sensors for fast outdoor navigation. He can be used for exploration, detection and surveillance tasks. Additional Information about Roach can be found here.


Mustang MK 1A


Macropod is a heavyweight outdoor robot which is able to transport a huge amount of payload, even a human passenger. The tasks of the robot range from autonomous navigation through several kilometers of unstructured unexplored terrain to navigation on self-build 3D maps. More details can be found here.