Ground Truth Datasets and Software

Ground Truth Dataset Forest:

Ground Truth of the Forest Map

Properties of the Forest Map
Name of Dataset: KoblenzForestMap Number of Scans: 263
Number of Annotated Points: 26,288,749 Number of Points: 26,433,792


Download KoblenzForestMap (1.0 GB)


Ground Truth Dataset Campus Koblenz:

Ground Truth of the Campus Koblenz Map

Properties of the Campus Map
Name of Dataset: KoblenzCampusMap Number of Scans: 644
Number of Annotated Points: 63,038,659 Number of Points: 64,134,528


Download KoblenzCampusMap (2.3 GB)


Ground Truth Dataset Farm Road:

Ground Truth of the Farm Road Map

Properties of the Farm Road Map
Name of Dataset: KoblenzFarmMap Number of Scans: 426
Number of Annotated Points: 48,192,619 Number of Points: 48,917,376


Download KoblenzFarmMap (1.7 GB)

Viewing and Annotation Software:

Color Table
Class Obstacle: Red Class Road: Gray
Class Unknown: White  Class Rough: Brown


Download Terrain Classification Map Visualisation Software (0.1 MB)