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Prof. Dr. Reinhard Oppermann

University of Koblenz, Germany

Institute for Computational Visualistics
Phone: +49 228 469147

Interests in research and teaching

Human factors:
  • User centered system development methodology with both user participation and integrating human factors into the design process 
User interface evaluation:
  • System evaluation methodology with cycles of design, evaluation, and redesign of system versions (evolutionary development) with integrating analyses of user demands and user feedback 
User Modeling:
  • Adaptation facilities to consider inter- and intra-individual differences in user interests, knowledge, and preferences with shared control about adaptations between the user and the system 
  • Continuous learning support for users by enhanced exploitation of acquired knowledge and current experience to strengthen the learning including implicit learning (life-long learning)
Nomadic information systems:
  • User support in location aware nomadic information systems with distributed knowledge based on modeling the user, the physical and social environment, and the task domain of the user 
Contextualized information selection and presentation:
  • Putting information into the context of use transforms the information into knowledge for the user